Information for Parents

Find out more about a typical visit to the Centre!

A Typical Visit

Before the Study: After letting us know that you are interested in having your child participate in one of our studies, a research assistant from the Centre will call or email you to find a time that works best for you (if you work full-time, we can usually find time over a weekend). They will tell you more about the specific study your child is eligible for and will send you an email containing the precise directions for getting to the Centre by either bus or car. Most of our studies require only a single visit. You are welcome to bring your other children along, and we will try to schedule them for a study with us or with one of the other Developmental Centres located in the same building.

During the Study: If you choose, you can be with your child at all times and will be able to observe them participate in the study. Once you arrive to the Centre, you will be welcomed into our child-friendly waiting room. While your child plays, the researcher will explain the study in more detail and you will be asked to sign a consent form allowing your child to participate in our study. We will also answer any and all questions you may have. When you and your child are ready, the researcher will seat you both in one of our comfortable testing rooms. The studies usually take 15-20 minutes. If your child decides at any point that do not want to continue playing the game for any reason, we will happily and immediatelly stop the study!

After the Study: After the study is complete, your child will recieve a small prize (a diploma and a choice of a book, t-shirt, or stuffed toy animal). The researcher will answer any and all questions that you may have about the study. Our studies are usually published in academic journals on child development. Because we always collapse data across all tested children and keep data highly confidential, we unfortunately cannot provide you with individual data of your child. Parents also receive an annual email newsletter telling you more about the studies in the lab and our most recent findings.

Our Centre

The Kenny Building

We are located in the Douglas T. Kenny Building, right on UBC Point Grey campus, part of the traditional Musqueam Territory. We offer free parking at UBC's West Parkade -- a building immediately across from Kenny. Our Centre is on the ground floor, room 1222/1224.

Our Waiting Room

When you first step into the lab, you'll be greeted by our child-friendly waiting room. The research assistant or graduate student running the study will explain the study in its entirety and answer any questions you may have.

While You Wait

While the study is explained, your child(ren) are welcome to play in the room. They will be in your eyesight the entire time.

Our Testing Rooms

When you are ready, if you'd like, both you and your child will be welcomed into one of our two testing rooms where the study games will be played. We can also leave the door open if you prefer to stay in the waiting room and listen in on the study.

Our Prizes

Once the study is done, your child will be invited to choose one of our many prizes to take home!

Our Data Room

If you enjoyed your experience, we will gladly call you again once we have another study ready!

Examples of Some of Our Studies

How do children evaluate skills of other people?

In this study, we are interested in how children evaluate other people’s skill in relation to their own. Your child will be asked to work together with a partner (actually our computer!) to complete a number task. We hope to see whether children are attuned to the skill levels of others and whether this will affect their own decision-making.

How do children reason about quantities visually?

In this study we are interested in how children use their intuitive senses when thinking about number, length, and area in a space. Your child will be playing a computer game involving dots, lines, and shapes. They will be asked to compare two displays to each other (e.g., which line is longer?) or to guess how many items in a display there are (e.g., how many dots are there?).

How do children figure out if answers are right or wrong?

In this study we are curious to see what type of factors influence children's ability to detect errors. Your child will see a video of a puppet and determine whether they give the correct or incorrect answers.

Directions to the Centre

We are located on the UBC Point Grey Campus (Musqueam Territory), a twenty minute drive from downtown Vancouver. The Centre for Cognitive Development is located on the ground floor of the Douglas T. Kenny Building (Google Map).

By Car: We have a parking spot reserved for you in the West Parkade on Level 4 (Google Map, Driving Map). Look for "Reserved for EDRG" signs (please make sure you only park in these spots). The walkway from the West Parkade will take you directly to the front of the Kenny Building!

By Bus: Bus routes R4, 44, 84, and 99 will all bring you to UBC campus. You may also want to use the Trip Planning feature on the Translink website to find the best route to us. From the bus stop, walk west towards West Mall and Univeristy (Map). We will reimburse you for your bus ticket.

On Campus: Once on campus, please find your way to University and West Mall. If you walk south on West Mall, the Kenny Building is the second building on your left! Our Centre is on the ground floor (Room #1222/1224).

Interested in Participating?

Contact us at or at 604-822-1651.

Interested in finding out even more?

We'd love to have you at the Centre, either as a participant in one of our studies or as a member of the lab!