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Our lab regularly recruits UBC undergraduate students as volunteer Research Assistants (RAs). RAs form the backbone of the lab and play a very prominent role in all day-to-day activities. As a volunteer RA, you will work hands-on with a senior member of the lab on a research project. We always try to match each RA to a project that they are most interested in. Your responsibilities would include helping with booking (on the phone and email), testing children and adult participants, helping with data analysis, and attending weekly project meetings. We also usually have positions open for non-developmental positions.

We ask for a 2-semester commitment and 8-10 hours/week during the regular school week. We fully train RAs on all aspects of the lab and the project they are working on. RAs can also optionally get experience with programming and statistical software such as MATLAB and/or R. Although no previous experience is neccessary, we get many more applications than we have positions. Please note that only UBC undergraduates are eligible for our volunteer RA positions.

We typically recruit new RAs for the lab each September and January. If you are interested, please complete the Join Us form. One of us will be in touch as soon as we are looking for new volunteers. If you have any questions, please direct them towards our Research Coordinator.

Summer Internship

Our 2019 Summer Internship Dates will run from June 3rd - July 26th, 2019. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, but the last day to submit is March 8th, 2019 at 11:59pm. Submit an application here.

Every summer, we look for motivated students interested in developmental and cognitive science research to join us for an annual Summer Internship Program that typically runs between May and July. Summer interns receive close mentorship by the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students in the lab. Each intern will be matched to a single project in the lab and will receive extensive hands-on experience with designing, implementing, and running the study. Interns will directly work with children and parents, and thus must be dedicated, mature, articulate, and comfortable in working in teams and speaking with others, including in person and over the phone. Interns will receive stipend to support living in the Vancouver area over the summer.

At the Centre, we investigate a series of issues in developmental and cognitive science, including the origin of number, time, and space representations and how their interaction with language plays a role in higher-order reasoning, including mathematics, confidence, and communication. We combine tools from traditional cognitive development, visual cognition and psychophysics, formal linguistics, and computational modeling to understand how children and adults reason and learn to talk about quantity, and why children are not uniformly successful in learning mathematics and related higher-level concepts. More recently, we have been investigating the origins of our sense of confidence and how it is communicated to others during learning and cooperation.

    Duties of Summer Interns typically include:

  • Reading the background literature for the study under the mentorship of the project leader.
  • Helping recruit participants by phone and email.
  • Helping create stimuli and methods for the project.
  • Running adult and child participants.
  • Helping code and analyze data using software packages such as R.
  • Attending weekly lab meetings.
  • Presenting the work at lab meetings or an undergraduate conference.

    Required qualifications for applying:

  • Canadian and American students are welcome to apply.
  • Prior experience working with children, ideally in a developmental lab.
  • Prior experience working in a psychology research lab.
  • Commitment of 40 hours per week for 8 weeks over the summer.
  • Strong work ethic and an excellent academic record.
  • Two references.

Any questions about the program or the application should be directed to

Graduate Students

The Center for Cognitive Development is looking for students in the 2016/2017 cycle.

Our lab frequently accepts graduate students at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels. To apply, you will require a strong record of research experience, strong GPA and GRE scores, and a well written statement of interest. Applications are available through the UBC Department of Psychology website. The deadline for application is typically December 1st of the year, with interviews scheduled for the first week of February. Students can expect full funding, including tuition, and minimal course and TA loads.

Though not required, we strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Odic to inquire about the fit between your interests and the lab. Many invisible factors determine whether you will be accepted, and contacting us directly is the best way to get the information you'll need to decide whether you should apply.

Interested in Joining the Centre?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our research team!

If you are interested in applying to be a graduate student or post-doc, please contact Dr. Odic directly.

If you'd like to volunteer in the lab as a Research Assistant, please email us at or fill out our Application Form!. We will be in touch when we are actively interviewing applicants (usually in early September and January). Please keep in mind that we can only accept UBC students as volunteers in our lab.

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We'd love to have you at the Centre, either as a participant in one of our studies or as a member of the lab!