Our Research

Why do children learn some things before others? What makes learning easy, and what makes it difficult? And how can we improve children's ability to learn advanced concepts, such as mathematics and science?

At the Centre for Cognitive Development we investigate how children learn about the world around them. We are especially interested in the origins of language and thought. We examine these questions in typically developing children aged 2 to 12. Our research tasks are made as child-friendly games and usually take 10 - 15 minutes, and often require only one visit. They are very enjoyable for both children and their parents!

The Centre for Cognitive Development is also part of the UBC Early Development Research Group, a group of six research centres interested in cognitive and social development from birth to adulthood!

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Our normal hours are Tuesday - Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm.

Phone: 604-822-1651

Email: cogdev@psych.ubc.ca

Fax: 604-822-6923

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UBC Point Grey Campus

Musqueam Traditional Territory

Kenny Building, Room 1222/1224 (Ground Floor)

2136 West Mall, Vancouver, BC

Grants and Research Support

Discovery Grant

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Jacobs Foundation
Research Fellowship Program

Interested in finding out even more?

We'd love to have you at the Centre, either as a participant in one of our studies or as a member of the lab!